Have you ever experienced hosting a party miles away from your house but feels like home? Designed by the owner himself, this events place in Caloocan City exhibits a world-class architecture that will give your party an extravagant feeling!

Let’s take a look around!

Function Hall

  • Casa Gilmore’s reception area can accommodate up to 100 guests. (100 m2)
  • With an indoor air-conditioned venue, there is no need to worry about rainy or super hot days. It also has a comfort room which makes it very convenient for the elders—no need to walk too far or go upstairs!
  • The catering services can take their time to beautifully decorate the place since the check-in time starts at 4:30 a.m. Moreover, there will be lots of time for the client to entertain their beloved guests since the check out time can be as late as 10:30 p.m.—a total of 18 hours of use.
  • The venue is equipped with a generator in case of power outage—maximum convenience!

Outdoor Area

  • The buffet and registration tables, mobile bar, photo booth, and other suppliers, that need more space usually occupy this area. (100 m2)
  • Often times, this is where the titos & titas have their inuman session. However, on a rainy day, they choose to enjoy their cocktails inside.

There is no corkage fee at all!

Family Room

  • This 40-square-meter air-conditioned bedroom, with bathroom and balcony, has a bedding capacity of 4 persons.
  • For wedding preparations, this room is usually occupied by the groom’s family.
  • For birthdays or christening receptions, the debutante or the baby’s family usually occupies this bedroom for preparation or resting purposes. They can also choose to stay in the Couple’s Room—it is really up to their taste!

Couple’s Room

  • The 28-square-meter air-conditioned bedroom, with its own bathroom, has a bedding capacity of 2 to 3 persons.
  • More often than not, this room is always selected as the preparation area of the bride-to-be. If she has more family members than the groom, they can opt to stay in the Family Room instead.
  • In both bedrooms, the client and his/her company may relocate the extra mattresses from the Multipurpose Room if they want to be together.

Multipurpose Room

  • The biggest air-conditioned room, which has a size of 47 square meters, is the most used room among the three.
  • Using the available extra mattresses, this room can be transformed into sleeping quarters that can house at most 13 people—usually for relatives that live far away or for the barkada.
  • For wedding events, this room is commonly used as lodging for the entourage—night before wedding—and as a makeup station in the morning before the wedding.

Everyone is welcome at Casa Gilmore.

Common Area

  • The rooms that were mentioned above is adjoined by this 43-square-meter common area which includes a common bathroom and a balcony.
  • This spot is mostly used as a dining area for family, friends, entourage, or even suppliers—a coffee area in the morning while a session area in the evening!
  • In most cases, along with the entourage, this is where the bride and groom fall in line for their grand entrance—for the debutante as well.

Other Amenities

The following amenities are automatically included—no hidden charges!

  • secured parking lots up to 30 cars
  • use of kitchenware during staycation
  • extra mattresses for extra guests
  • mannequin for the gown of the bride (debutante)
  • stairs for grand entrance
  • extra long tables and monobloc chairs

Experience a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing, and mind-blowing sound system!

Sound System Package

For simple gatherings, you do not need to worry about the music because the in-house technician will take care of it!

Feel free to schedule an ocular visit.
Previous clients were actually surprised!

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