Have you ever experienced hosting a party miles away from your house but feels like home? This is what it is like to be in Casa Gilmore. Designed by the owner himself, Casa Gilmore exhibits a world-class architecture that nobody has seen before.

An outside view of the house during a debut celebration.

Starting at the ground floor, let me introduce the amenities of our place — after you.


First in the list is the venue itself. It is an indoor setting where you can fully customize the area to your desired theme. It is also air-conditioned which provides a comfy atmosphere for at most 100 guests.

Approximately 102 square meters, this is how the venue looks on one angle before a setup. Here, we can see the stairs which is often used in the introduction of the couple, entourage or the birthday celebrator. From the inside, you can also view the outdoor side of the venue by opening the curtains.

Moreover, an additional 120 square meters of outdoor space ‒ an open area and a covered garage, can be used if you have more guests. Usually, the caterer’s buffet table, photo booth, registration area and pets are stationed here. Parking space is not a problem too!

You can safely park outside of the venue since our location is not a busy street. Furthermore, WiFi is also available so that you can upload your pictures and tag your friends right away. Lastly, even if it’s raining, we won’t have a problem since our venue is indoors!

Shown below is a panoramic view of the venue, where lights were added at most commonly used area for the (from left to right) center stage, the photo slideshows or video presentations, and for the grand entrance of the celebrator.

Panoramic view of the venue

Now, we would go up and explore what most of the clients like about Casa Gilmore. Yes, what we have discovered was only the ground floor!

Family Room

As the name implies, our first room is utilized by a group of people, usually a family or group of friends, since it has two full beds (double beds). This 39 square-meter room has its own bathroom, air-conditioner, balcony, and open area.

In a birthday, this is where the celebrator prepares for his or her special day. For a wedding preparation, this is often used by the groom’s relatives while the next room is for the bride’s family.

Couple’s Room

Nothing is more sweeter than ending your day intimately with your loved one. Our couple’s room gives you all the solitude that you were longing for. This affordable and elegant room will make you want to take your relationship to the next level.

Roughly 28 square meters, like the family room, it is also air-conditioned and has its own bathroom. As mentioned above, on a wedding day, this is where the hair and makeup artists glamorize the bride for her memorable moment.

Function Room

Just in the case you need another room for a unique purpose, a 47 square-meter function room is available! As a rule, if the guests will stay overnight, this is where they continue hanging out with their friends and family.

This is because the venue has a limited hours of usage, that is, only 5 hours is included in the event package. More often than not, the function room is used for the entourage’s hair and makeup preparation. Like the previous rooms, this area is also air-conditioned.

If the bedrooms are not enough, it can be rearranged to become a sleeping quarter. However, extra beds are not present but mattresses are available upon request. After all, the occupancy of this multi-purpose room still depends on your motive.

Common Area

Connecting all the rooms that we have recognized to the venue at the ground floor is the 43 square-meter common area. Commonly used as a dining area, this also serves together with the function room as a lounge for the client’s suppliers.

If ever you need to get some fresh air or would like to have a break from the happenings inside, this is the place to be. Casa Gilmore’s balcony is just about right for that reflection selfie craving!

Kitchenware is accessible at the pantry and small-scale cooking is allowed for the clients that will stay overnight. The common area has its own bathroom that is also used during an event aside from the comfort room on the ground floor.

view from the stairs

Lastly, to finish up our list of assets, let’s look into the things that make the night more interesting.


Experience a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing, and mind-blowing sound system! Using the surround sound technique, you’ll definitely love the grooviness of every single beat.

Light up the stage using the 54-bulb LED lights to further beautify the celebration. Moreover, we use high definition TV instead of a projector and a projector screen. For your convenience, you can give a copy of your choice of music as well as the audiovisual presentations. If it is not available, worry no more, your in-house good-looking DJ will take care of it.

Thank you for taking the tour!