How much does it cost to rent Casa Gilmore?

The rate of the venue—between ₱10,000 to ₱36,000—is dependent on what amenities shall you use. The minimum rate only includes the use of the air-conditioned function hall; the maximum rate includes the function hall with sound system package as well as an overnight stay at the family room, couple’s room, and multipurpose room. Often times, clients include the bedrooms for their family’s pre-event preparations or resting area.

Where are you located?

Casa Gilmore Events Place is located at the main entrance of Novahills Subdivision, Bagumbong, (North) Caloocan City. You can also find us through the applications Waze, Grab or Google Maps.

When can we see your venue?

You are welcome to see our place via scheduling an appointment on your preferred date and time provided that the venue is available. We do not recommend walk-in visitations due to scheduled events.

What does your venue offer?

  • Depending on the availed event package, the client and their guests may enjoy the following:
    • air-conditioned function hall good for 100 pax
    • family room, couple’s room, and multipurpose room
    • sound system package which includes wireless microphones, speakers, karaoke, and rock band instruments (electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, 5-piece drum set with 4 cymbals, amplifiers, cajón, bongo drum, cylinder sand shaker, lyrics stand)
    • TV for audio-visual presentations
    • 3 pcs. LED lights (with stand) and 4 pcs. party laser lights for additional visual effects

  • These are other features that are automatically included in any package:
    • secured parking space good for 30 vehicles
    • kitchenware (refrigerator, microwave, gas stove, utensils) for overnight stay
    • dining area for your family and friends
    • water dispenser with 10 gallons of drinking water
    • mannequin for gown
    • 50 pieces monobloc chairs (without cover)
    • 3 pieces rectangular (long) tables good for 8 to 10 pax each (without cover)
    • 2 pieces rectangular (small) tables good for 4 pax each (without cover)
    • mini platform (183 x 115 cm / 6 x 3.77 foot, without cover)
    • and of course, WIFI for kids!

Do you have corkage for external suppliers?

  • None, WE DON’T HAVE CORKAGE FEE if you intend to provide your own supplier except only for very high-wattage equipment such as extra lighting and the like.

Can you tell me more about your bedrooms?

All of the rooms have air-conditioner, cabinets, table and chairs, but without television. Each bedroom has its own bathroom while the multipurpose room may use the common bathroom located at the upper floor. Extra mattresses are provided upon request; the client has the option to transfer the mattresses if his/her company wants to be together. The total bedding capacity is 20 pax (beds and mattresses combined). More than that, an additional fee per extra person is required.

  • family room (Groom’s Room) – two double beds (4 pax) with balcony at the front and an open area at the back for hanging laundry
  • couple’s room (Bride’s Room) – one king-size bed (2-3 pax)
  • multipurpose room (Entourage Room) – no beds but with extra mattresses (13 pax)

What are the check-in and checkout times?

Casa Gilmore offers two types of staycation: standard stay and overnight stay.

  • For any event, the standard stay has a check-in time of 4:30 a.m. while the checkout time is 10:30 p.m. (11:30 p.m. for catering services so that there is an allowance for them to pack up the decorations). This means that as early as 4:30 a.m., the makeup or photo shoot may begin, the catering crew may start decorating, and all the guests that will take part on the program may check in early as well. The program proper may start at any time but must end on or before 10:30 p.m. In total, the client may prepare and party for up to 18 hours.
  • An additional fee is required for an overnight stay. The client has the choice to either check in at 4:30 p.m. a day before the event —to get a good night sleep, or to checkout at 10:30 a.m. the day after the event—to be able to party all night long. Some clients avail both, especially when their relatives are coming from different places.

What if the number of guests exceed 100?

The function hall can only accommodate up to 100 persons. If the number of guests are more than 100, say an extra 20 to 30 persons, additional tables and chairs can be placed outdoors near the buffet table. Note that the venue is enclosed with glass doors and windows which means that people from the outside may not hear the program unless external speakers are provided by the client’s supplier.

Are there any kitchenware available?

  • Yes, we have basic kitchenware for small-scale cooking such as breakfast meals, or storage of drinks and reheating of food your overnight stay. However, it is prohibited for any person to cook meals that is intended to serve for the party, that is, large-scale cooking is not allowed.

How can we reserve a date for our event?

  • We highly recommend that you first visit Casa Gilmore to see it in actual if its amenities suffice your event because the reservation fee is nonrefundable.
  • To book a date, the client must fill up the official registration form, read and sign the provided terms & conditions contract by our support, and pay the required reservation fee amounting to ₱7,500 which will then be deducted from the total package price. The remaining balance must be paid on or before checking in.
  • We do not accept credit card or check payments as of the moment—only cash or digital money (via online banking or mobile apps). We accept payments by installment too—no fixed amount—as long as the last payment is settled upon checking in.

What if we want to extend the use of venue for an hour or two?

We are very strict when it comes to check-in and check out times regardless of the number of minutes, hours, guests, or any other activities that may require more time. If the client stayed more than the allowed time, he/she will be automatically charged with the rate of an overnight stay.

Can we bring liquor and puff vape?

  • Yes, you may bring liquor without any corkage fee. Although, it is recommended to purchase the beer cans from our canteen so we can easily recycle materials and help the environment.
  • Please enjoy smoking in designated areas only. Thank you!

Do you have photography, hosting/emcee, on-the-day coordinator, or catering services?

  • No, we do not offer those kinds of services. However, we could recommend reliable suppliers if you need one.

Can we rent a single room for an overnight stay?

  • Unfortunately, we do not allow this type of rent. The venue is only for events.

Do you allow pets?

For everybody’s safety from bites or scratches, allergies, etc., we are very sorry to say that bringing of pet/s in the venue, especially in the bedrooms, is not allowed. However, we truly understand that some pets are members of your family—they want to be in the picture too! And so, the only thing we can offer is a pet crate stationed outside the venue with size 30 × 20 × 21 inches (l × w × h) in case there is really no one available to feed or look after your pet/s if left at home. Thank you for understanding!

In case of electricity loss, do you have a back up generator? How about the water supply?

  • Yes, we now a portable generator in case of power loss due to strong winds or rainfalls, or from unexpected electrical repairs or maintenance.
  • The water supply is great; in rare instances such as low water pressure, we have two large water tanks for backup.

What did I miss to ask?

Here are some things that client’s mostly miss to ask but are very important.

  • Casa Gilmore promotes saving Mother Earth. We highly minimize the use of nonrecyclable materials. We also ask the help of the guests to segregate their wastes properly before throwing it in the appropriate bins—for us to classify the trash more easily. We segregate according to the following: food leftovers, recyclable bottles or cans, all kinds of paper, all kinds of plastic.
  • If ever you will book our venue, we highly recommend that you schedule a meeting with your caterer to discuss your preferred theme of the party as well as to do food tasting. You may do it here at Casa Gilmore—free of charge—as long as the venue is available. This recommended simple meeting will be of great help to fully satisfy your guests’ experience.
  • To avoid unnecessary payment for damages (e.g. burnt bed sheets or paint by hair iron, stained bed sheets or curtain from makeup tools, unreturned props from photo shoots, lost valuables due to carelessness of person-in-charge, ), kindly remind your guests and suppliers to care for the venue’s belongings.
  • After three months from the date of an event, unclaimed items in the lost and found section will be given away to people in need.

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